I offer SEO consulting services, including site audits and bespoke training. Here are some of my client testimonials.


“Mark’s down-to-earth approach to SEO made immediate sense to us and was easy to implement. We noticed instant positive results and now have the building blocks to take our SEO to the next level with the redesign of our site.”

– Laila Ram, Director,


“Mark’s approach to SEO was refreshing. His knowledge of the travel industry meant he was quickly able to identify the most relevant search phrases and how to deploy them within our site. Following his concise instructions we saw dramatically improved results on Google within a few weeks. We now have a much better understanding of the elements required to optimise any new pages we add to the site. In fact, Mark’s whole approach has left us feeling more empowered rather than daunted by SEO.”

– Mike Edwards, Managing Director, PCI Holidays


“The effect of Mark’s SEO work on our Google rankings has been remarkable. Within a few days of implementing his changes to the site, our pages were appearing in the Top 10 of Google for the first time… Mark’s approach is plain-speaking and inclusive. He cuts through the jargon, and demystifies the world of SEO.”

– Ala Osmond, Managing Director, Exeter International


“Getting insight from Mark, with his expertise, independent outlook and particular awareness of the travel industry, has proved invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark’s services, even for those who feel well informed about SEO.”

– Philip Grierson, Marketing Director, Cox & Kings Travel


“Mark’s honest advice on the need for original content, best website practice, anti-spam-like web building and detailed knowledge of how all the search engines think, especially Google, leads me to believe he is an oasis of wisdom in a desert of snake oil sellers and charlatans that dominate todays SEO world.”

– Stuart Lodge, Director,